Step 4: Conduct Outreach

Green Planning Subcommittee Meetings
Over a three month period a subcommittee of the planning commission meting prior to their regularly scheduled Planning Commission meetings at 5:30 pm to discuss topics related to green planning. At the first meeting on June 9th, the subcommittee decided upon the following schedule:

Date Topic
June 16 Energy Use & Site Design for Energy Reductions
July 21 Water Use, Stormwater Management, Landscaping & Site Disturbance
July 28 Indoor & Outdoor Air Quality (including Transit Oriented Development)
August 11 Materials, Waste & Life Cycle Analysis
August 18 Light Pollution, Subcommittee Recap & Recommendations

Interested community members were encouraged to attend and share their expertise in and knowledge of green planning. At the end of the three month period, the subcommittee made a report to the Planning Commission on their progress.

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