Vision of the Downtown Master Plan

What is the vision for the State College Downtown Master Plan?

The primary goals of the Downtown Master Plan are to: realize and market downtown’s unique role within the larger community, its development potential for a sustainable future and specific strategies that will achieve this vision; establish a framework for creating a most memorable, attractive and comfortable downtown core that aesthetically unites the College Avenue corridor; and to consider a range of public and private sector improvements that can attract a diversity of users and expand businesses and services that can be supported in downtown.  To that end, the consulting team was tasked with providing recommendations for design and place making, green infrastructure, multi-modal transportation, uses and development opportunities, and community sustainability.

The resulting vision of the Downtown Master Plan includes five themes:

                Marketing the District: Cultivating Downtown’s Identity to Residents, Visitors and Investors

                Navigating the District: Building a Pedestrian-Friendly, Multi-Modal Downtown

                Connecting the District: Creating a Comfortable, Cohesive and Attractive Downtown

                Living in the District: Establishing Downtown as a Place for Professionals to Live and Work

                Managing the District: Fostering a Safe and Appealing Downtown

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