Master Plan projects for 2014

Are projects from the Downtown Plan being proposed for 2014? If so, what are they?

The Plan suggests beginning the first phase of the Wayfinding System in 2014 for an estimated cost of $335,000.  It is anticipated that a working group would convene to develop this signage based on the approval of the brand system (by DID and Borough).  These elements could be incorporated into new banners, post-mounted welcome signs, and trailblazer signs that help with directing visitors that are traveling by car, on-foot, or by bike to downtown amenities.  Most important would be parking signs, significant building markers and information kiosks that can be placed in parking lots and throughout the Downtown area.  The Plan recommends that the initial phase should concentrate on well-placed, highly-visible signage throughout the Downtown core and along major thoroughfares leading into the Downtown.

The working group would develop the sign content and a map of potential sign placements and work with Borough Council, Borough Public Works and Parking Departments, the Downtown Improvement District, the University and PennDOT to determine the appropriate size, number and location of these signs. 

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