Plan's impact on residential density

It was expressed that there is concern that recommended changes to the Downtown zoning would result in increased residential density. 

The draft Plan does recommend increasing residential Floor Area Ration (FAR) for both rental and owner-occupied developments.  However, it does not suggest that the base FAR be increased for any of the districts; the increased FAR would only be applicable to projects that achieve a set of incentives. Therefore, in order for a developer to take advantage of increased permitted densities in the C and CID zoning districts, developments would be required to provide additional design and building performance criteria.  The recommendations for changes to density in the draft Plan are similar to those recently proposed by the developer for the Metropolitan, but the Plan suggests these should not be achievable by-right, but rather through incentives.  The purpose of these incentives is to encourage new developments to achieve high-quality design and meet other community goals where the base zoning would not necessarily require them.  Any of the Plan’s proposed density increases would need to be reviewed in more detail in the context of a zoning amendment.  Use this link to view the section of the plan that refers to residential density. 

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