Does the Plan address the WCSP?

The statement has been made that the Plan should have evaluated better uses for the West Campus Steam Plant (WCSP), located on the Penn State Campus at the corner of College Avenue and South Burrowes Street.

The scope of work for this plan, which was developed in May of 2013, did not include redevelopment activity on the University campus.  Similarly, the planning area for the project included the College Avenue Right-of-Way, but not campus buildings abutting this street.  The Office of Physical Plant at Penn State University maintains a campus master plan for future addition or reuse of campus buildings. The consulting team was provided with the campus plan and considered its recommendations, but was not tasked with providing alternative recommendations for the use of campus facilities.  The scope of the project did, however, include recommendations for improvements that could be made within the Right-of-Way along College Avenue which could help improve connectivity and views into and between campus and the downtown.  

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