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What's the difference between a snow emergency and a snow removal zone?

A snow removal zone means that when a snowfall reaches a depth of three or more inches, it shall be unlawful for any person to park any vehicle, tractor or trailer, or allow same to remain parked or unattended on the paved or improved portion of any public highway in the Municipality at any time during. This occurs only in areas that are signed as snow removal zones. 

A snow emergency allows the Borough Manager or designee to declare a snow emergency at a time it be deemed necessary. This requires all vehicles to be removed from the streets of the Municipality until the snowfall has ceased and the streets have been cleared of accumulated snow.  

When a snow emergency has been declared for State College Borough, this means absolutely NO on street parking is prohibited.

All parked vehicles must be removed from all public roadways in the Borough to allow for the public works department to clear and remove snow. All parking regulations will be strictly enforced, and no parking permissions will be granted for the duration of the snow emergency. Any vehicle left parked on a public roadway may be ticketed and towed to allow for snow removal.

State College Borough also reminds property owners to clear all sidewalks of snow and ice within 24 hours after the snowfall has ended.

Ordinance Enforcement wants to remind residents to clear all sidewalks of snow and ice within 24 hours after the storm has ended. For more information about the Borough's Snow Emergency practices please see the Snow Emergency Ordinance.

A snow emergency remains in effect until information is released stating it is no longer in effect.

Snow Emergency

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