Additional Resources

  1. Old House Journal

    Old-House Journal Online is the premiere resource for restoring old houses.

  2. Antique Home

    Vintage Home Resources From 1900 to Mid Century

  3. Centre County Historical Society

  4. Daily Bungalow

    See the house plans from this book: Gordon-Van Tine House Plans

  5. National Register of Historic Places

  6. National Trust for Historic Places

    The National Trust for Historic Preservation, a privately funded nonprofit organization, works to save America’s historic places.

  7. PA Historical & Museum Commission (PHMC)

    The PHMC is the official history agency of the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania. Created in 1945, PMHC is responsible for the collection, conservation, and interpretation of Pennsylvania's historic heritage, which we accomplish through the Pennsylvania State Archives, the State Museum of Pennsylvania, the Bureau of Historic Sites and Museums, the Pennsylvania Trails of History, the Bureau for Historic Preservation, and the Bureau of Management Services.

  8. Preservation PA

    Preservation Pennsylvania is the Commonwealth's only private statewide nonprofit organization dedicated to helping people protect and preserve the historic places that matter to them.

  9. Sears Archives

    From 1908–1940, Sears, Roebuck and Co. sold about 70,000 - 75,000 homes through their mail-order Modern Homes program and designed over 400 different housing styles. See this site to find out more.

  10. Society of Architectural Historians

    The Society of Architectural Historians was founded in 1940 to advance knowledge and understanding of the history of architecture, design, landscape, and urbanism worldwide. The Society serves scholars, professionals in allied fields (including architecture, historic preservation and planning), and the interested general public.

  11. Society for Commercial Archeology

    The SCA is the oldest national organization devoted to the buildings, artifacts, structures, signs, and symbols of the 20th-century commercial landscape. The SCA offers publications, conferences, and tours to help preserve, document, and celebrate the structures and architecture of the 20th century: diners, highways, gas stations, drive-in theaters, bus stations, tourist courts, neon signs, and a lot more.

  12. Sustainable Historic Preservation

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