Forms: All

  1. Administration: Application to Serve on an Authority, Board or Commission
  2. Administration: Art Exhibit Policy & Request Form for the Municipal Building
  3. Administration: Arts Fest Exhibitor Application
  4. Administration: Banner and/or Use of Poles, Outlets or Fixtures Request Form
  5. Administration: C-NET Programming Request Form
  6. Administration: Domestic Partnership Registry Form
  7. Administration: Facility Use Policy and Regulations
  8. Administration: Facility Use Fillable Form
  9. Administration: Going Out of Business Permit Application
  10. Administration: Open Records Request
  11. Administration: Application for Use of Public Property (Special Activities) Form
  12. Community Development & Housing: Bellaire Court Apartment Application
  13. Finance & Tax: Earned Income Tax Form
  14. Finance & Tax: Local Services Tax Form
  15. Finance & Tax: Sales License for Going Out of Business
  16. Finance & Tax: Temporary Retail Dealers License
  17. Finance & Tax: Centre Tax Agency Forms
  18. Human Resources: Job Application Form
  19. Ordinance Enforcement: Ordinance Violation Appeal Form
  20. Ordinance Enforcement: Rental Housing Permit Application
  21. Police: Anonymous Tip Form
  22. Police: Business Registration
  23. Police: Vacation Home Check
  24. Planning: Historice Building Survey (For Structures Built Between 1945-1960)
  25. Planning: Historic Plaque Form
  26. Planning: Sign Application
  27. Planning: Zoning Hearing Forms
  28. Public Health: Food Service Facility Plan Application
  29. Public Health: Food Application for Non-Profit Groups
  30. Public Works: Application for Street Excavation
  31. Public Works: Bulk Refuse/Large Brush Pickup Form
  32. Public Works: Compost & Woodchip Delivery Form (Borough Residents Only)
  33. Public Works: Request for Exemption to Placing Refuse at Curb
  34. Public Works: Tree Lawn Garden Plot Registry

Service Facility Project

  1. Notify Me

Stormwater Management

  1. Report an Illicit Discharge