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1. Who is the Chief of Police?
2. Where is the Police Department located?
3. How many officers are in the Department?
4. Does the Police Department use Tasers?
5. How do I get a copy of an accident report?
6. Does your Department do fingerprinting for job applications, concealed weapons permits, I.N.S., etc.?
7. Can you tell me if someone is in jail?
8. I received a traffic ticket, where do I pay?
9. I received a ticket and I do not think it is fair. What can I do?
10. Why aren't officers catching "real" criminals, instead of writing tickets?
11. Why do officers shine so many lights when they stop a vehicle?
12. Why can't officers resolve or intervene in a civil matter?
13. Why did it take so long for the Police to come when I called them?
14. Why do dispatchers ask so many questions when I call the Police?
15. Can the Police open my car if I have locked my keys inside?
16. Can I have an officer check on a license plate?
17. I will be leaving for vacation and I am concerned about my vacant house. Can you help?
18. If I have a complaint against an officer, what should I do?
19. Why do I see officers speeding all over the place?
20. I saw an officer "bust" an intersection with his lights and siren only to turn them off when he got down the road. What was he doing?
21. I received a telephone call soliciting funds for a police group, should I donate?
22. How do I apply for a Police Officer position with the State College Police Department?